Why are people so desperate for fame? I have,  over the years, watched people on television, listened to them on the radio, interacted with some in person, and realized how eager they wish they would be known all over the world. From their demeanour, when they can become famous or popular and death knocks on […]
Do you know that you can send as many as one thousand (1000) SMS to your client, customers etc for just thirty Ghana Cedis GHS30? Or even send more than one thousand SMS at a low price with SMS TODAY? SMS Today provides complete solution tools for digital marketing, Bulk SMS, Voice SMS, Short Codes, […]
NEW LICENSE ACQUISITION Acquiring a new driver’s license without the use of middlemen or “goro” boys is inexpensive in Ghana. But most of the time, some Ghanaians want the easy way out and as a result, contact middlemen to go through the licensing procedure and get the license for them. When this happens, people end […]
I am in my mid-thirties. I have not been married before even though I have been in a couple of relationships which did not go well. My last relationship ended because my boyfriend’s mother outlined some unrealistic conditions she expects me to abide by in the marriage if his son ends up marrying me. Some […]
There are a lot of foreigners,  individuals and companies who wish to start their own businesses or have businesses in Ghana but they do not know about seeking “clearance” from the Food and Drugs Authority(FDA).  Some of these people end up doing business illegally which later lands them in trouble. Below is what you need […]
Greeting to you all. I am beginning to feel uncomfortable and I need your advice. I have had a peaceful marriage for the past three years now. I love my husband and his family very much. My husband’s family treat me well and I also reciprocate the same to them. However, my father-in-law treats me […]
The court makes a formal judgement on a disputed matter between parties and administers justice in accordance with the law. Below are the various courts in Ghana and their roles; The Supreme Court The Supreme Court is the final appellate body of the whole court system of the country. It has the original and exclusive […]
Dear All, I am a lady in my mid-twenties. I am married and very hardworking. My husband works as well but I work extra at home after my office work that is cleaning, cooking, washing among others. Due to the stress in performing all these activities, I have resolved not to add pregnancy to it. […]
Work Permit is an official document that gives permission to a foreigner to work in Ghana. It takes about one month to get a work permit done in Ghana. To get a work permit in Ghana, You have to visit the Ghana Immigration Service. The types of work permit include; 1. GIPC-Ghana Investment Promotion Centre: […]
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