Here are some tips you need to know?

The bank is seen as one of the prestigious places to work. The mere mention of “I work at this or that bank” shoots the respect people have for you to a different level. However, you can still stand by your position to work at the bank after going through the few tips below.

  1. Some positions at the banking hall include; Teller, Customer Service Officer, Relationship Manager etc.
  2. You wake up very early to go to work.
  3. You work from the time the bank opens till banking hours is over.
  4. There is lots of pressure from both customers and work colleagues.
  5. Working at the bank is all about sales and meeting target. No matter your position at the bank, you have to sell the bank’s product and meet your target.
  6. At the bank, you do not have any room to express exactly how you feel or your thought. You have to say what you don’t mean in order to please your superiors.
  7. Be ready for personal attacks during sales review other than constructive analysis and assistance to perform better.
  8. You dare not try to be different. At the bank, just like any other organization, if you try not to act or behave like those who have worked in that organization for years, you will be in trouble. People will hate you for no reason and they will not help you to thrive at your role.
  9. There is no room for creativity.
  10. You perform the same role for a long time. So, if you are a teller until you are eligible for promotion, you do not get to perform any other role.
  11. It is sometimes boring especially when you have to perform one role for several years.
  12. Be ready to deal with gossips.
  13. Customers will sometime give you tips. It is up to you to take or leave it putting into consideration, the company policy on receiving monetary gifts from customers.
  14. You will not have time to do other things because you spend majority of the time at the bank working.
  15. Do not put it at the back of your mind that you are going to make money. You may be disappointed.
  16. Do not have too many expectations. You may be disappointed.
  17. Be ready to see the good in you all the time and value the work you do even when none of your colleagues or superiors recognizes your effort
  18. Have integrity and personal code of ethics.
  19. Do not let the way bankers dress beautifully or the brand or the colours of the bank or the niceness of the building deceive you to want to work at the bank. It may glitter on the outside but “unpleasant” inside.
  20. Let something motivate, drive and keep you going because it would become tough someday. If you try every means and it does not work, do not wait till you die. Bow out gracefully.

If you are an individual who is okay with sitting at one place and performing one role for a long time without exploring other things, then banking is a suitable industry for you. But if you are someone who wants to try your hands on different things, be creative and do innovative things, then do not venture into banking.

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